Here's what some of the amazing clients of James McLaren Fitness had to say about their journey's.

Sophie Banner (1).png

Before I started training with James I would do DVD work outs at home and try to manage my diet but I was never able to sustain anything past 4 weeks and I would give up and put all if not more weight back on. 

I wanted to do gym classes and workout at a gym but my self-confidence was so low I couldn't bring myself to join anywhere. 

Then I found James on Facebook and we meet up, had a chat and worked out what I as an individual needed. Since that meeting my life really has changed for the better and I love it! 

Every session I follow my own individual plan that James sets out so that we can reach my goal. 

In 8 weeks my body and mind has transformed into something I didn't think was possible (see picture below) not only does my body look great I also feel great and my confidence is sky rocketing. 

I really feel like I'm back to my happy confident self I used to be before I had my daughter 3 years ago. 

Every session is great fun and I do things I never thought I would be able to. Such as the gymnastics rings.... which are awesome and make me feel like I'm in cirque du soleil. 

I no longer rely on the scales and rarely use a calorie tracker. James has given me all the tools and support I need to live a sustainable healthy happy life. 

And the Facebook community he has set up is wonderful, supportive and so encouraging! 

I'm truly thankful to James for helping me reach my goals I love the results and look forward to every session. 

To anyone considering using James to help them reach their goals, whatever they may be, do it.... you won't regret it! 



Sophie Scadding - Small Group Client

Note from the trainer:

Sophie has achieved truly incredible things in a very short period of time. The key to her success has been consistency, holding herself accountable by checking in with me regularly to make sure she stays on the right track when it comes to her nutrition and working incredibly hard in every session.
Sophie trains 3 days a week, where she works her every muscle group at least once in each session where we do a mixture of big compound exercises like Barbell Back Squats, Deadlifts and bodyweight movements such-as Press-ups and Pull-up. We've used a variety of different rep ranges, low and high but making progress of some sort each week whether the weight increased or Sophie does more sets or reps, at the end of each session she always leaves knowing shes improved from her previous session regardless of how she's feeling on a given day. Sophie just recently did 10 press-ups with fantastic form. That elusive pull-up still awaits, I have no doubt she'll achieve that goal.
Nic Banner.png

I've been training with James since October and have really enjoyed every minute of it! 

I've been going to the gym on and off for years, but after a few months I'd get bored and stop going. 

This is the longest time I've consistently kept training. I’ve been pushed and supported in doing things I would never have even thought about doing on my own and am so much stronger than I ever thought I could be. 

I’ve lost just over a stone and a half with James' support and my body feels so much healthier and stronger. Alongside the in gym training, he gives a lot of support outside too. 

Sessions are always good fun and James is always keen to demonstrate the latest dance move from MTV videos haha! Being able to train alongside other people in the group sessions is always a giggle and James seems up for taking a lot of stick in session whilst the heavy lifting is being done! Mixing up

 the programme and learning different exercises every 4-6 weeks always has me pulling faces, but it keeps it interesting and it's good to see the progress week to week. 

For the first time I feel I may actually be able to reach my goals.

Nic Gower - Small Group Client

Note from the trainer:

Nic is incredibly strong, I still don't think she still realises quite how strong she is. 
Nic trains twice a week where she holds some pretty impressive numbers when it comes to the "Big 3" lifts on Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press. Nic likes timed challenges so every 4 weeks, I challenge her to do as many reps as possible of a particular exercise to see what improvements she has made through the block of training we're currently doing in terms of her strength and her conditioning. 
As much as Nic would tell you she likes low reps and low sets, we've worked numerous sets and reps schemes, which have been a lot higher than she might have liked with the key to make progress of some sort each and every week. 
Most people who ever start the Wonder Woman Programme were drawn in by a video on Facebook of Nic deadlifting 80kg, 15 times in a minute and not even break a sweat!
quanna 2.jpg

I have been working with James for six months now, and there has been a marked change in my strength and perception of health. At my initial consultation, I had no doubts that I'd picked a good PT. He made me feel comfortable with the idea of working with him straight out the gate. 

Even at my perceived best working out solo, I STILL couldn't manage a single pull-up and so set a simple goal: one single pull-up on my own, with him I've managed 4 by myself! 

In addition to helping me reach said goal, he's motivated me to stop farting around and go for another goal, which I'm now preparing for a figure competition! He's also helped me sort out my nutrition and find recipes that are nutritional and flavourful. 

My perspective on food has changed tremendously in the six months I've worked with him. 

James is very passionate about his work and it shows through the milestones he's helped me overcome, as well as the other clients in the group. 

He is exceedingly supportive of me and his group of clients, which he communicates with regularly through the client group. He's there for us for any question, however trivial or complicated it may be no matter the time of day. 

Despite my constant whining, I'm so grateful I clicked on that wonder woman ad I saw on Facebook. He got me off my plateau and helped me reach new heights. 

Thanks, Boss!

Quanna Husband - One to One Client

Note from the trainer:

Quanna is hypermobile therefore her control on certain exercises is sometimes tested more so than everyone else,  I had to go away and do some research and consult with an expert in this area to further my understanding of this condition and learn how to train Quanna effectively. The main focuses for Quanna have been having control when she performs each exercise which has involved slowly each repetition down, pausing certain exercises at certain points to ensure she has control at all times.
She had previously been training in a way where she divided up body parts and trained them once a week. I got Quanna training her full body twice a week and she experienced some changes very quickly.
Within a couple of months of training Quanna achieved her goal of being able to do a chin-up by using a combination of iso-metric holds. This involved Quanna holding herself above a chin-up bar with a weight attached to a belt round her waist for time and low repetitions to build up strength as well as doing negative repetitions which involves lowering herself from the top of the bar in a slow and controlled manner. 
Quanna is an experienced lifter so to speak but by keeping her programme fresh and expanding on her range of exercises has seen her make great progress in terms and strength and overall improvements to her physique.

A couple of my friends had signed up with James when he did his first round of Wonder Woman. At the time I didn't know whether to join or not, and then typically me I missed the boat. I watched how my friends lost weight and toned up and began realising that I should have done it. 

I eventually gave James a text and this was followed up by a phone call. I don't think James was prepared for the emotional mess he was about to speak to. My confidence was rock bottom, my eating habits all over the place. I knew I wasn't going to change overnight but something needed to be done to change all this. I agreed to sign up and we had our initial chat about eating, calories and how James trains his clients. 

Compared to November time, my confidence has grown as the cm's drop off and so does the weight. Food wise I'm in better control and can balance calories where I need to. 

I really enjoy training, I've had to conquer a few fears of equipment holding my weight but it always does! Watching the progression through each session is awesome and becoming stronger is a great feeling. 

I would hugely recommend training and working with James he knows each client and tailors each session to you. Group sessions are a laugh, you can be training with different people through the week but all are really supportive and friendly. There's never too many people and James is always overseeing each exercise within the group.

Jess Smart - Small Group Client

Note from the trainer:

The key to Jess' success has been finding out what exercises she actually enjoys doing and building her programme around them,with just a small amount of things she might not like quite so much, that's what personal training's is all about. 
Jess trains in small groups twice a week. We started off lifting quite heavy on things such-as deadlifts and squats, but Jess has responded so much better to slightly lighter weights, done at a much slower tempo with a lot more control so her programme is essentially built around this, she doesn't work in low rep ranges everything is done at a slow and controlled tempo except her conditioning work this is where we've found she is making the best progress and she simply enjoys it a whole lot more.

I had used a personal trainer before but found James post pregnancy when I needed a new challenge. I found working with James very different: he pushed me harder; stayed in touch between sessions and offered advice on nutrition and diet as well as exercise. 

Since training with James for about five months now, I feel stronger, fitter and healthier. I've seen progress quickly, both in the weights I can lift in the gym and the changes in my appearance. 

Although I did want to tone up, I was not really bothered about losing weight but I have lost about 4 kilos. One of the best things about training with James is the fact that he explains the reasons for the exercises we do; which muscles they work and why we are using this method rather than another. He also makes changes to the programme if there are exercises you don't get on with or find awkward. 

Obviously, I'd recommend training with James. The fact I paid for more sessions after my initial set says it all. I even recommended a friend who now has also been training for several months with James. 

Lisa Burgess - Small Group Client

Note from the trainer:

Lisa has some previous training history but hadn't trained for a little while so it was a case of getting Lisa enjoying training again and actually showing her some exercises which were new to her and provide a slightly different stimulus for her body to adapt to.
Lisa trains in small groups twice a week has gone from strength to strength and the key for Lisa has been having variety not just of exercise, but the way the exercise has been done whether it be high reps, low reps, slowly, using holds at certain part of repetitions to test her that little bit more, she's responded brilliantly and has seen some great body composition changes over the past 6 months.

I have been training with James since October 2016. 

I joined the 8 week Wonder Woman programme with the goal of getting fitter, stronger and healthier. I can definitely say I have achieved all these things. 

Before joining I had slipped into bad eating habits and joining the programme enabled me to start rethinking my diet and making positive changes that I could stick too. 

Within a few weeks I was seeing results, I was fitting into clothes I hadn’t worn for years and they were comfortable! What is great is that the weight has stayed off. 

I was never really a gym person but now I love the sense of achievement when I hit a new personal best. James is always very supportive and encourages you to push yourself. 

I now train in the Strength Bootcamp three mornings a week, and I'm still getting results. Can’t recommend it enough. 

Fran Clear - Large Group Client

Note from the trainer:

Fran started as a one-to-one client with me with not much training history, so the key for us was to get Fran moving well so she could complete exercises well and safely whilst getting Fran feeling confident and competent as quickly as possible in the gym.
She's now part of the Strength Bootcamp where she trains 3 times a week. Having taken the time to help Fran move better she now performs exercises incredibly well, and has taken everything she's learned in one-to-one sessions and now applies it in a larger group. Fran likes challenging herself now to beat her previous efforts on certain exercises or make progress in some way each session as she loves the sense of achievement which has been so cool to watch this develop over the past 6 months.

When I started training with James I’d been stuck in a rut for a long time. I’d put on weight since having a baby and never really felt comfortable in anything I wore. I’d managed to lose a bit on several different diets but it always went back on again and I lacked the confidence to join any exercise classes as I felt intimidated by the other women. 

I’d signed up to walk a marathon in support of breast cancer with my sister and had a big family wedding in the summer and was desperate to get back in shape for both these events, so I contacted James after seeing his advert for the 8 week Wonder Woman programme on Facebook. 

I started training 3 times a week and, after discussing my diet with James, made a few tweaks to increase my protein intake and decrease the number of calories I was consuming each day. I won’t lie – the first week hurt! But I soon got into the swing of it and I made steady but constant progress. In 8 weeks I lost just under 1 stone and was able to get into so many clothes that I’d given up hope on! I went on to walk the marathon in just over 7 hours which was a remarkable achievement for me.

The daily ‘check-ins’ were an invaluable tool for staying on track and to get reassurance from James when facing ‘wobbles!’. I have a tendency to really overthink things and James has a remarkable ability to ‘un-complicate’ problems! I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending James’ program – it has worked for me, and it can work for you too! "

Carrie Parkinson - Small Group Client

Note from the trainer:

Carrie got really great results in the 8 weeks on the Wonder Woman Programme. The key to her success has been consistency, holding herself accountable by checking in with me regularly to make sure she stays on the right track when it comes to her nutrition and working incredibly hard in every session.
Carrie trained 3 days a week, where she works her every muscle group at least once in each session where we did a mixture of big compound exercises like Barbell Back Squats, Deadlifts, hip thrusts and bodyweight movements such-as press-ups. By varying the rep ranges week to week this kept things interesting and Carrie was quickly making progress on all of the key lifts I just mentioned, although she'll openly admit shes not a fan of a split-squat. 
We also did some conditioning work at the end of most sessions, Carrie particularly liked using kettlebells, so most of her conditioned involved kettlebells. I gave her a 100 rep challenge to do of varying different exercises which for a first attempt did in a very respectable time.
I'm really proud of Carrie's results, but more importantly then that, seeing her confidence grow week after week was really rewarding and cool to see.