James McLaren Fitness delivers personal training sessions completely built around the way your body uniquely moves and responds to exercise. There's no stone left un-turned, building the best possible programme for you taking away ALL the guess work.



We all hate diets but I love seeing people get in amazing shape, so we build a way of working around the things you love about food, keeping eating sociable and always keep you on track.



You'll have access to a growing library of over 800 delicious recipes, you'll never be short of ideas and each recipe comes with a complete nutritional breakdown so you know exactly what you're eating and how much.



Need a helping hand each day? I'm always on hand in our client Facebook group being helpful, answering questions and keeping you motivated.



I've learned that when clients have accountability their results come quicker. With daily and weekly check-ins you can tell me when you have (and haven't) stayed on plan and if you need any help or support to make sure you "win" the next day.


Here are the services JMF offers:


Small Group Personal Training

Description: For those of you who want all the perks of one-to-one personal training but want a more cost effective solution.

You'll be coached through your own individualised programme where you'll be training with up to 3 other like-minded people in an encouraging, supportive environment, training 3 times per week.


Sessions: Monday, Wednesday & Friday:-




Price: £189 per month

Strength Bootcamp

Description: This is our group training programme for a maximum 10 people. This isn't your typical "burpee" bootcamp, it is specifically for men and women who don’t just want to get in shape, but get strong too.

We will provide you with progressive strength training where you will train 3 times a week, along with nutrition support and daily accountability to ensure that you make amazing progress every day.


Sessions: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 06:00-07:00


Price: £99 per month 

One-to-One Personal Training

Description: If you want a coach all to yourself and can train from 2-3 times per week this is the premium service JMF offers.


Sessions: Monday - Friday, booked by you with ease through our online booking system.


Prices: £480-£720 per month