One of the most common associations with training, exercise, weight loss, and "GAINZ" 💪

Protein helps with growth and repair of all the bodies’ muscles and tissues.

In weight loss it is key to maintaining satiety (feeling full).

The two main proteins are whey (generally fast digesting) and casein (slower to digest). Both are found in milk.

There are others such as pea, hemp, rice, and soy (these are alternatives to dairy based protein powders and usually appeal more to vegetarians/vegans)

Now is there a place for protein powder in your life? 
Simply put YES!

Supplements in general are like the final few pieces of a 500 piece jigsaw for most people so hold off heading straight out to your local Holland and Barrett and filling up your basket!

Back to protein.

It would be fair to say a lot of us do not get enough protein in our diets and find it difficult to consume through whole food sources (such-as chicken, beef, fish etc). Vegetarians and vegans will most certainly have issues with this.

Therefore keeping a tub of protein and a shaker at home can be a quick, and convenient solution to getting that much needed protein in during the day.

It has many upsides:-

It's very cost effective compared to whole sources, below I’ve done a comparison of how much protein per £1 you get from whey protein powder and chicken breast.

Tesco Chicken breast (£8.17 per kg provides 235g protein) 
Which equates to: 28g of Protein per £1 of chicken breast

Myprotein Whey Powder (£16 per kg provides 820g protein) 
51g protein per £1 of protein powder.

Sounds like a no brainer right?

You get nearly DOUBLE the serving from the protein powder than you do a chicken breast.

Whey protein is also a good addition to add to smoothies. Along with some frozen berries and almond milk, you have yourself a low calorie, sweet and delicious beverage which has taken less than a minute to make.

Although my favourite use for protein powder has to be cooking. Making up tasty protein bars, brownies and cakes helps get a good serving of protein in a nutritious and tasty snack.

A good place I’d recommend you check out for cooking with protein powder is "Protein Pow", they have a cookbook and you’ll genuinely be stunned at the limitless options from pizzas, to breads, bagels, to pies, truffles, brownies and "fluff" (which is a bit like ice-cream).

To sum up

Yes get a whey protein powder!



Use it as an aid to get sufficient protein in when time and convenience are an issue. I would try and avoid over-relying on it to meet all your protein needs and get as much protein from whole-food sources as possible.

Who amongst us uses protein powder? 🙋