Its ads like this that really grip my shit, to put it bluntly. The use of the word “extreme” and weight loss pill is selling you pretty dramatic results and quickly!

Now I’m not here to dispute whether the item in question actually works.
I have my thoughts and from the small amount of digging online, you can easily find many people that have used it, reporting it really doesn’t work and that’s putting it politely.

Although there were no comments to suggest they were wrong about you not needing to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes so thumbs up there! 👍

What does urrrk me is the ludicrous claims this post makes:-

“Increases lean muscle tissue” HOW EXACTLY?
Does it do a resistance/bodyweight training program for you, 2-4 times a week which includes progressive overload and takes care of sufficient protein intake and recovery?

“Designed for permanent weight loss”
Do you have to take them permanently, or once it’s done its job its ok to stop and start shovelling cake down your pallet as your weight loss in permanent?

This next ones my favourite...

Now by that I take it they mean don't waste anymore time on actually eating a little less junk, exercising a little more and generally get a bit healthier?????

You also get a BOGOF deal.............RESULT!!!!

There are people out there that really want to make a change to their lives, what isn’t right is being misled by marketing claims which dot the eyes and cross the t’s to what you actually want to hear.

Which if you break them down, have no substance to them what-so-ever.

Stick to something that does work.

A calorie deficit in a diet which you can stick to and be consistent with which still includes the foods you enjoy and incorporating some more activity whether it be walking, taking the stairs instead of the lift or incorporating some resistance training.

To take a quote from the ad,

"Don’t waste any more time" on stuff that promises you the world, and tell them to
........... BOGOF to their deals!

I won't be investing, and
I'm out!