Quite depends!

If for example you’re a competitive boxer who needs to be at a certain weight for a weight class, then….


The number on the scale will most certainly be important.

For the majority of you reading this, this will not be you.

If you’re trying to lose weight and get down to a weight you felt you’re best and most confident at maybe the scales are going to be important to some degree.

The scales are an indicator of weight loss but people can become so fixated and motivated with achieving a number it can guide you away from other determining factors.

I’m a big believer in visual methods of seeing progress.

Body measurements, calliper readings, and actually seeing how your clothes are currently fitting on you are a better indication of progress, but can take a little longer to become obvious then what the scale says.

The scale and what you actually see in the mirror can be contradictory.

When the scale say’s no change but yet your body measurements are down, this is WINNING in my eyes!

This can be due to adding some muscle to your frame (muscle weighs more than fat) or there could also be some water retention and changes during the menstrual cycle can affect scale weight, but yet your clothes are looser on you.

The scale is all but one way or tracking and reviewing progress, but don’t be fixated with it being THE way to measure progress and don’t be disheartened if the scale is the only thing which isn’t showing the great progress you’ve made.

If you looked more toned, have looser clothes but hadn’t lost as much weight as you wanted, would you be disappointed?