I’ve never seen one of these before until recently, it was kind of one of those what have I been missing out on moments.

(Really wasn't)

The actual mug isn’t what intrigued me most. 

The idea that I DON'T have to get a spoon out of a drawer, put it in a cup and rotate my wrist a few times in a clockwise or anticlockwise (personal preference right?) is definitely appealing?

It’s only when I read the box to see one of its major selling points listed is,


Now as much as I love stuff which saves me times, reading that on the box got me thinking about mind-set when it comes to weight loss and achieving our goals.

Whether its magic pills which get you to your desired weight tomorrow, or wrapping cling film around your waist in order to lose a dress size (you’ve seen the ones) or other fads that will promise you results without putting in the work are rife in the world today.

When it comes to weight loss this should come as no shock to you………….

I 1000% GUARANTEE you that putting in little to no effort is simply not going to help you achieve LONG-LASTING and sustainable results.

Just wanting the result will never be enough!

You may have decided to take a much needed step in becoming more active and getting involved in some exercise, you may have even hired a personal trainer which is a FANTASTIC move in the right direction!

However it’s at this stage when the work/effort TRULY begins!

I could say to you its going to be a doddle, but I'd be out-right lying to you.

A PT can give you all the tools and direction in terms of exercise and nutrition whilst providing motivation, encouragement, support and accountability you need to help you achieve your goals.

The next bit is on YOU!

When it comes to nutrition, I could tell you exactly what to eat every day and I have no doubt you’ll get results providing you stick to what I tell you.

But actually, taking the time and effort to educate yourselves on: - what is actually in the foods we eat, and the benefits that food has to our energy levels and health will have a much more profound effect on the rest of your LIFE!

It will give you the confidence in making your own informed choices, and knowing exactly what you’re putting into your mouth and WHY! (All for just the investment of time and effort!)

When it comes to exercise, I could write out the perfect structured plan tailored to your goals and the things you enjoy.

By only putting best efforts in to your sessions, (not half arsing it) not only should you start seeing your hard work pay off, but on self-reflection later along the line, you’ll have no regrets that you could have done MORE, and seen better results sooner in relation to the amount of effort you put in.

So I’ll leave you with this thought…………….

Are you going to use the self-stirring mug?

Are you going to invest the time and effort to become the best possible version of yourself you can?