Its time to settle this age old debate!

As with most things, the answer usually lies somewhere in the middle.

Word is slowly getting round that fat is not the devil we once thought it was and has many essential functions in the body.

The key is in the dose.

The real bottom line is:-

1g of PROTEIN (meats, poultry, dairy, eggs etc.) contains 4 calories.

1g of CARBS (potatoes, rice, oats, fruits and vegetables) contains 4 calories.

1g of FAT (nuts, nut butters, avocados, oils, butter) contains 9 calories

You might see where I’m going with this……

Fat has over DOUBLE the amount of calories protein and carbohydrates.

Therefore the only real way that fat is going to make you fat is if you DON’T take this significant fact into account.

The macadamia nuts that are on the scale in the picture, a 20g serving contains 147 calories (about the equivalent of a fairly decent size banana).

This could account for 10% of total daily calories for a female in a calorie deficit.

I think we could all agree that really isn’t a lot of food?

Now it’s not to say you can’t overeat on chicken breast and rice………..

However it’s much easier to overeat on fattier foods due to the simple fact that you get a much smaller quantity of food for the same amount of calories as either protein or carbohydrate based foods.

Here’s a couple of tips for those wanting to lose weight but still like peanut butter:-

- Adding protein to fat will make meals more satiating which could potentially reduce the risk of over-consuming calories.

- Use strict, measured amounts so you know EXACTLY how many calories you’re consuming to avoid the easy mistake of over consumption.

Stick with these two simple tips and you should be able to consume fat based foods in your diet without the worry of getting love handles :)