Some of you eat breakfast,

Some of you don’t,

Either way that’s COOL!

Skipping breakfast seems to be demonised more than missing lunch or tea when in reality it should be treated like any other.

Everyone’s different and it depends what works best for you, how you feel and if breakfast fits into your daily routine amongst all the other important stuff you have to do.

There’s a belief that breakfast is essential for weight loss as it kick starts the metabolism first thing in the morning, and stops the possibility of over-eating later on in the day.

Although there really isn't much evidence to support this, the reality is the amount of calories consumed during the course of the day is what REALLY matters, not the contents of that one meal.

For example imagine you’re in a calorie deficit consuming 1500 calories a day, eating 3 meals at roughly 500 calories per meal.

If you skip breakfast containing 500 calories, you have an extra 500 calories to use later on in the day.

You could evenly divide the 500 calories up and just have two meals being 750 calories each.

You’re still going to stay on track for your 1500 calorie target.

Or you might be going out to eat in the evening and might decide to indulge on a glass of wine, maybe a cheeky dessert

With an extra 500 calories to play with, you’ll unlikely feel guilty about indulging a little as you will be assured that you have factored this into your overall daily calories and will still stay on track with your weight loss.

The main factor is adherence, what-ever works best for you and you can stick to, and it’s not for everyone!

If you function better, and have more energy if you’ve had breakfast, much like myself then EAT BREAKFAST!

If you do miss breakfast, it really ISN’T the end of the world!

Your brain won’t go into meltdown and most importantly you can make up for missing calories later on in the day in usually bigger meals.

What works best for you??