Bloody Bieber Fever!

Sure he’s done some questionable things during his short life so far (and that's putting it politely).

What young, successful, multi-millionaire celebrity hasn’t these days?

I’ve never really liked him or his music to be perfectly frank, let’s face it, he’s not quite Oasis.

It was the cool thing to not like him.

Back then if you told me I’d hear his music on the radio today and be bobbing my head along to, or even know a line or two of the lyrics, I’d never have believed you.

Here comes a confession.....................until now!

Every time I hear a catchy song that I like on the radio and I ask people nearby who sings it? They tell me its Justin Bieber, I'm like you're kidding right?

Now before you start thinking I’m about to promote his latest single, or next world tour let me explain why this has anything to do with fitness.

Some of you are resistant to trying something new or giving weight loss another crack.

To some it might be cooler to go to the pub and drink every night then to go and exercise.

Barriers, reasons, excuses whatever you want to call them, go up justifying why you can’t give something a go.

Come out of your comfort zone!

Try something new or give something another shot and stick with it for a little while.

Heaven forbid that the consistency leads to positive changes in your body, fairly quickly you start realising that you’re liking and enjoying what you’re doing and spurs you on to continue with it.

Move on from past failures, start believing they're ways and means that CAN and WILL work for you to achieve your goal.

You CAN change your mind set,

You CAN change your body.

For some of you this will be harder than others.

No matter how many things you’ve tried and failed with, why accept where you currently are as the norm for you if you’re not happy with it?

I’m not asking you to like Justin Bieber.

He’s got enough fans.

I’m asking you to believe that you CAN get to where you want to be and sustain it.

Many haven’t succeeded! 

But always remember........