Long story short...

I bought a whole duck.

Half price, got myself a bit of a bargain.

Ducks amazing, for those of you who haven't tried it, definitely try it!

My task- 

Separate all the cuts so I could cook them individually for different dishes I had planned throughout the week.

Then it suddenly occurred to me....

"How exactly do you cut up duck?"

I’m no butcher but should be fairly easy right?

With the power of technology today, I went straight to YouTube to get some tutorial videos on how to do it correctly.

And regrettably, I did a half arsed job of it, as actually watching a video, listening to it, and trying to cut around all the bones and tendons with a rather large sharp knife in my hand at the same time turns out to be trickier than it looks or I’m just shit at multitasking.

The outcome was the breasts and legs I cut, didn’t exactly look like the ones you would see in a supermarket. 

Now this made me think about personal training in general.

Yeah sure there’s loads of information around online, probably some waaay better than what I put out to you guys on my website and Facebook page.

Some of you may take to it like a duck to water.........

(Still got duck on the brain!)

You might get results all on your own.

However some of you might have watched a lot of YouTube videos, read a few articles and embarked on your own journey but it doesn’t seem to be working out quite how you’d like it to.

You can’t quite pinpoint why you can only squat half the depth your friend can or you’re not losing weight despite believing you’re in a calorie deficit.

That’s when actually getting some professional help with achieving your goals can be such a worthwhile investment.

Yeah sure I took the cheapskate way out, it look me probably double the time to cut the duck up then a professional would have taken and I didn’t quite get the pre-packaged quality legs and breasts I was hoping for.

Or I could have paid more money to buy them separately and saved myself a load of time cutting out the guess work.

The same goes for personal training.

Personal training is an investment in yourself.

You commit a considerable amount of money in order to achieve a fantastic result.

Along the way you should learn the tools which you can hopefully sustain these results for a lifetime.

It’s like the proverb

“Don’t give people fish………………teach them to fish”

If you’re a bit stuck along your journey, and want some help and direction to go forwards and achieve the kind of results you’re looking for, do check out my services or pop me a message and I’ll see how I can help you invest in your success.