I did…..so what?!

Should we have any guilt about eating the foods we enjoy?

I was chatting with a guy about his recent weight loss (he's lost two and a half stone in 5-6 months)

He looks great.


I was tucking into a Musclefood Pulled Beef Pie, along with sweet potato mash and some veg at the time.

He then decided to part his newly found nutritional two cents on what I was eating.

He gave me a thumbs up for everything 👍

Except the pie.

I asked what wrongs with it.

He said well, "It’s a pie it’s unhealthy for you."


“Well………hmmmmm…………………the pastry is unhealthy.”

Again, I asked why?

Long story short…………… he couldn’t explain why.

Now I didn’t mention that this particular pie only has 350 calories and has 45 grams of protein, and fairly low carbs and fat.

As far as pies go, pretty calorie friendly all things considered.

With that said.

We all have these pre-conceived ideas of what’s good and what’s bad for us.

Some of which has been put out in the media to confuse the hell out of us:-

Sugars bad,

Fats bad,

Gluten’s bad,

You get my drift.

The truth is there really isn’t bad foods, there’s bad diets!

Yes they’re foods that have more nutritional value, with more vitamins and minerals and all that important stuff that not many people know much about.

Yes there are foods higher in calories and less satiating which usually tend to be foods in the junk category.

At the end of the day there has to be balance.

I have chosen a rather appropriate way of presenting this to you.

A pie chart!

At least 70% of your diet should come from nutritious food.

As you can see there is room for a little junk, cake, ice cream whatever your taste buds desire.

There is simply no reason to completely cut out the things you love and crave provided there is moderation.

I certainly don't tell my clients to stop eating something they enjoy.

Human nature tells us we always want something we can’t or not allowed to have so why try and fight it?

Fitness and nutrition are supposed to complement our lifestyles.

You shouldn't be dreading your next meal due to its high level of blandness.

On the flip side,

If your diet is 90% crap, you really can’t expect to look and feel amazing, as well as most importantly healthy.

You can’t out train a bad diet! No matter how much you work yourself into a sweat.

At some point you have to address what you're taking in.

The guy I was talking to said he really didn’t do much in the way of activity to lose that 2 and a half stone.

He worked out where he was making poorer choices with his diet and took his time to address those issues.

Kudos to him.

For a lot of us, we know where we're going wrong.

You don't need me or some expert or guru to point it out.


IDENTIFY what you're not quite doing right!

STOP labelling food as good or bad.

ADDRESS the balance!

AND .........................