Special K for breakfast, and lunch....................For 2 weeks?

I’m alright ta!

As much as I’m about to bash it.

People WILL get results from it.

Just like any other FAD.


Two teeny tiny bowls of Special K making up most of your diet will inevitably REDUCE your daily calorie intake. 

In the meantime making you one of the most miserable people in the world to be around.

It’s the same as having two Slimfast shakes a day, 

Or whatever crap a topless Cristiano Ronaldo promotes along with the pads he puts on his abs that allegedly give him a six-pack.

Essentially all this does is put you into a calorie deficit,

Much like slimming world and weight watchers do, but probably do a better job of not making it so extreme.

With that said…..

I could get results by eating Kallo Dark Chocolate Rice Cake for two weeks and still lose weight,

Providing I stick to half a pack in the morning and half a pack a lunch.

(Just for the record, I can never just eat half a pack!)

I’ll promote it all over social media as “Revolutionary,”

Post some before and after pictures from Dominos night with the girlfriend,

Then I’ll sell the science behind now the combination of rice and dark chocolate, balances out all your weight loss hormones for sustained optimal weight loss.


I’m certainly going to enjoy that diet a hell of a lot more than eating two bowls of that pretty unappealing bowl of blandness.

As I haven’t cut out a food I enjoy!

The thing is, whether it’s a Special K diet or my NEW Chocolate Rice Cake Diet,

It’ll give you some quick weight loss,

Whilst also making eating become mundane and giving you that constant feeling of hunger, which in turn is making you HANGRY!

On the plus side it will make the trip to supermarket short and sweet.

You can go straight to self-service and probably won’t need to pay the bloody extortion of 5p for a bag to carry them home.

What people don’t consider is the post-diet plan.

What are you going to do after you’re done with your Special K diet?

Chances are you’re going to go back to similar habits and routines you had before you started,

As you’ve restricted all the foods you enjoy, and weight gain is almost a CERTAINTY.

Hopefully on the plus side, you might give Special K a miss for a while.

Quick fixes are NEVER the answer to sustained longevity in weight management.

Addressing basic thermodynamics of calories in vs calories out doesn’t to be extreme for people starting out looking to lose a bit of weight.

Start with the fundamentals and build from there:-

·         Start moving more that little bit more each day,

·         If you start exercising 2-3 times a week then BRILLIANT!

·         Look to reduce your current calories by 10-15%.

Which could start with simple things such as switching from fizzy drinks to Diet version, could be enough to get to 10-15% reduction in calories.

That’s enough from me today,

I’m off to get some rice cakes!