Fat was giving everyone heart disease.

Protein’s making everyone too “ripped.”

Sugar’s making everyone overweight!

Whatever next?

Vegetables are TOO good for us?

There are many reasons behind global obesity, and in 2016, sugar appears to be the one taking a caning for it.

Let’s remember first and foremost

Sugar is EXTREMELY beneficial for fuelling high intensity and endurance exercise,

You wouldn’t spot a marathon runner running to grab their water and a cheeky avocado from the side-lines.

The thing is…

Sugar is a very fast source of energy

It gets to work very quickly, making it very easy for quick consumption, whilst not filling you up, making it easy to over consume.

Food’s high in sugar generally don’t contain much of the important stuff such vitamins and minerals and fibre which can which can sustain your blood sugar for longer.

There was a program on ages ago called the Sugar Free Farm with some Z list celebrities who went cold turkey on sugar for a few weeks,

Guess what happened?

They all became very miserable, very quickly!

Granted some of them lost weight, but purely due to the one thing that I bark on and on about


When one of them ordered a burger in a pub, not being allowed to have the bun, guess what happened?

They reduced their calories!

Fruit was on the banned list?

Well I’ll be dammed

No wonder everyone's so confused of what to eat these days!

If my memory serves me correctly, although the governments eat well plate is a little sketchy and behind the times,

You can’t argue that fruit and vegetables shouldn’t be in EVERYONE’S diet for the essential vitamins and minerals they provide us with vital functions in the body to keep us healthy.

What was clear once the series had ended was

Nearly all of them couldn’t sustain their sugar free diets.

It did however make many of them more aware that they might be eating too much “junk.”

Here’s a bit of perspective………….

We DON'T need sugar to survive

It’s certainly something you don’t need to cut out all together

Like those Z listers did on that farm,

But make sure you're not eating so much sugar, that you're missing out on important nutrients or consuming excess calories is important.

What I’d say to you all is,

Take a look at you diet.

Do you have somewhere near 80-10-10 split?

(80% highly nutritious food, 10% neutral to taste, 10% junk)

Does having a sweet tooth, take your daily percentage of junk you eat up?

How could you moderate your intake?

Are there some obvious substitutions you could make?

Replacing those cans of fizzy drinks with Diet or Zero versions is an excellent start.

Everything is a balancing act when it comes to nutrition, moderation is key.

Calories are the MOST important factor when it comes to weight management

NOT sugar!

You can still create a calorie deficit eating sugary foods.

But it’s being able to consume in moderation that is the biggest challenge.

I say this....

Whilst sitting here with my pre-bed oats with just the 1 teaspoon of Nutella in it,

Wondering how I managed such restraint!