When it comes to breakfast,

You have it or you don’t, it doesn’t matter.

For those of us who do take the opportunity to fill our palates,

Toast and cereal is pretty much the norm in a lot of households,

Whether you’re an adult or a child it seems.

There are commonalities in a LOT of peoples diets.

Diet which are low in protein, and high in carbohydrates.

It's becomes more apparent at breakfast time.

Calorie for calorie, protein and carbohydrates both contain 4 calories per gram.

Before you start thinking I’m jumping on the sugar hate train, carbs aren’t the enemy!

They’re pretty darn AMAZING in my eyes.

Although from a calorie standpoint,

Granola, which is choice for many at breakfast,

Is VERY calorific!

100g is a teeny tiny amount and has a whopping 400 calories plus before you’ve added milk to it.

Like other cereals, it doesn’t hold most people for very long, before you start feeling hungry and get that dip in energy.

The difference with granola and other cereals is not only do they not fill us up but comes at the expense of a CRAZY amount of calories.

I digress……

The difference is having sufficient protein at breakfast is what’s going to help keep us feeling full.

It can potentially stop us needing that mid-morning pick me up,

Which in turn can make us more productive and less likely to go HANGRY with the wait till lunchtime.

Toast and cereal are the 3C’s:- Cheap, Cheerful and Convenient.

............................................So are eggs!

(Poach them, scramble them whatever your preference, you could even include a bit of toast!)

So is putting a scoop of protein powder in some porridge with some frozen berries on top,

So is having whipping up a breakfast smoothie with some yogurt and fruit.

I say to my clients to try and base every meal around a good source of protein.

Starting with breakfast (if they eat breakfast).

Whether it’s meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, whatever floats your boat.

We need to get away from what is considered the “norm” of bowls of cereal, and jam on toast which we’ve been conditioned from an early age to be what people “have” for breakfast.

Eating a good, tasty nutritious breakfast can be the 3C’s.

If you treat breakfast like ANY other meal,

The amount of choice you have has increased dramatically!

I quite often have homemade burgers of some sort for breakfast.

I don’t limit my choices.

Does this make me weird to some?


When you decide what to have for lunch and tea do you limit yourself to only 2-3 different options?


You might get some variety in the Kellogg’s cereal multi-pack,

They might be sweet and tasty,

But they DO NOT make us:-

Feel full………………. Or…………Energised!

Plus you’ll always end up with the shit ones at the end no-one likes!

So stick to making a tasty, highly nutritious breakfast,

Which gives you good energy for your day ahead,

Helps you feel fuller for longer,

To stop you chomping at the bit soon as you get to work!