As the bank holiday is nearly here, and with dryathlon starting next month I wanted to touch on booze.

We all look forward to letting off some steam and enjoying some down time with our friends, family, colleagues generally gossiping about not a lot and comparing what’s going on in everyone else’s lives.

When it comes to fat loss,

Make no mistake about it, nights out CAN hinder our progress towards our goals.

With the potential to eat and drink in excess being fairly HIGH.

Our hunger hormones are telling us to eat anything that’s insight and we’re in a state where our decision making ability is not quite as it should be.

Going out for a couple can easily turn into 5 or more and a cheeky kebab on the way home.

How many of you go out on the weekend and feel tired, bloated and just a bit gross the next day because of the amount of booze and food we’ve consumed?

What we need to remember is, alcohol just like food contains CALORIES!

Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, which is nearly double the amount of carbohydrates and protein, but not as many as fat.

Knowing the calorie content in a glass of wine, or a Kopparberg we consume can dramatically help us stay on track or even potentially lose weight providing we’re in a daily/weekly caloric deficit.

This is where we need to adjust the energy balance to keep us on side.

Knowing how much we consume and expend makes life a whole lot easier.

Say for example if you need to consume 1500 calories to be in a calorie deficit.

Drinking 3 glasses of wine is about 585 calories (a modest drinker some might say)

Let’s throw in some nibbles such as a small pack of Pringles which is about 225 calories

That’s a TOTAL of 810 calories, over half your total daily calories and for most people this is VERY conservative!

So how can we factor this in any still stay on track?

Help is here:- 
1. Reduce your intake daily throughout the week, if you know you’re going to go a little wild at the weekend, erring on the side of saving more than less is probably going to be the wisest bet. That can be anything from 300-500 calories a day throughout the week.

2. Eat potentially a lot less on the day you’re going out (eating’s cheating right?) Maybe opt to have your biggest meal before you’re going out to help offset any potential hunger issues you might get when you’re out and about.

3. Reduce these calories from mainly carbohydrates and fat.

4. Keep protein levels HIGH to stay full whilst you’re reducing calories. Probably be wise to opt for mainly leaner meats such as chicken and turkey, which are lower in calories.

5. Increase your activity levels for the week, getting in a couple of long walks or bike rides will also help the energy balance in your favour.

6. DRINKS OF CHOICE- The clearer alcohols such as vodka and gin tend to be better options calorie wise. If you’re mixing these with fizzy drinks opt for diet options, it goes without saying.

7. DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY- if you go clubbing, getting activity in whilst your drinking will help burn some calories (Disclaimer: Try not to do this standing on the table in your local pub after your first drink)

8. Try your DAMDEST to avoid going into the kebab shop or fast food before you head home!

9. Try and drink some water throughout the night, I’m not great for this when I’m out, but do aim to drink a good litre of so when I get home.

Sticking to these will give you the best possible chance of staying on track.

You could actually lose weight whilst factoring in nights out provided

- Your intake still keeps you in a CALORIE DEFICIT.
- You prepare for it with some of the above
- Have an awareness of how much you’re consuming
- Ultimately can boil down to if you can avoid the kebab shop on the way home!

But just to be clear

This is NOT something I recommend you do regularly, as you're inevitably going crash and burn at some point.

Every now and then with a little bit of forward thinking?