Peter Kay might well have been onto something with the

“1 Tuc cracker and a cup of beetroot and drinking your own p**s diet”

The fact is when it comes to things we hear, read in magazines and the Internet

We’re sold a dream of this idealistic way to go about looking exactly how we want to look, fast and without much work.

The fastest selling fitness DVD ever by Charlotte Crosby says on the cover

“Lose up to 5 pounds a week with 3 minute routines”

They did a pretty good job of convincing 101,000 people within its first month of release to buy a copy.

Which you can probably pick up for peanuts now on your local Things for Sale page on Facebook as people probably believed word for word what’s on the cover.

Don’t get me wrong she looks fantastic!

Then there’s Joe Wicks saying

“Eat more to lose weight”

Eating more calories certainly ISN’T going to get rid of any love handles.

It depends on the context in which you take it.

If you talk about more food in terms of vegetables which are low in calories and less of higher calorie foods then yes that would strictly be true.

If you take both quotes literally then you’re sadly setting yourself up for disappointment.

Unfortunately so many people do take marketing like this literally and form expectations.

But it got me thinking in general about what we expect when it comes to getting the body we want and some of the things I see online which fills people's head with non-sense.

Here’s 10 expectations that people will believe, or are led to believe followed by my two cents:

1)      Weight loss to be this linear process, week in week out. Draw yourself a graph and do a massive squiggle on the page, this will be a more realistic way of showing what really happens (hopefully the line finishes lower at the end!)


2)      If walking to your car, then to your office and back again is the only activity you get during a day, you really can’t expect to look amazing without increasing your activity significantly.


 3)      By eating “clean” Monday to Friday, justifies having a blowout on a weekend and won’t affect your results, you’re MISTAKEN and I’d question the level of restriction of your Monday to Friday diet, is there room for more flexibility?


4)      Eating out multiple times a week or going out and getting lashed every weekend IS going to affect how you look at some point regardless of whether you factor it in.


5)      Believing you’re one of these people that ONLY eat 800 calories a day and isn’t losing weight, chances are you’re intentionally or unintentionally miss-reporting your intake.


6)      3 minute “blasts” are NOT going to get you up to 5 pounds of weight loss without at least multiplying that time by 10 and some SERIOUS dietary intervention.


7)      I read one article online that said if you did their body-weight, core exercise circuits a few times a week, you’ll start seeing results "in as little as 2 weeks," REGARDLESS of your current physique, is ludicrous!


8)      Lifting heavy weights make women bulky, sticking with the 1-2 kg dumbbells for 100’s of reps is better for looking more toned, NO it isn't but it will make your endurance pretty immense.


9)     Will standing on a power plate give you an effective workout? GET OUT OF HERE!


10)  Running is the answer to weight loss and getting toned. Although it may help put you in a calorie defecit, without some resistance training, you're not going to get that “toned” look you’re looking for. Adding muscle combined with lower body fat levels is where "toned's" really at.


The thing is,

We only know what we know from what we’ve read or heard.

Sadly the fitness industry is full of contradiction and misinformation.

But some people will look truth straight in the eyes and still not believe or choose to ignore what they read or hear.

We sometimes need to have that reality check

Accept where we're at

Lower our expectations a little

Take some action

And chances are.....

We'll likely to experience greater success!