Here I am at the Bury Breakfast Club, a great networking event for like minded business people, being presented with an award for the best 60 second pitch about what I do at James McLaren Fitness.

Although in the picture it kind of looks like I'm trying to snatch the trophy and run away with it.

The thing is when it comes to public speaking it's something I'm really not comfortable with doing, one of the very few things that actually makes me anxious.

I completely fluffed my first ever pitch and nearly didn't go back in fear of another repeat performance.

Fortunately I did keep going back...

Each time I stood up and opened my mouth I tried to improve upon my previous effort.

Although I'm still not as sharp as I'd like to be and don't get the best of sleeps the night before

I know I have to keep going in order to get better and was pretty humbled to win this award (even though I only get to keep it until our next meeting).

Now let me bring this back to fitness......

January's a month where a lot of people take to the gym for the very first time, as they're currently unhappy or uncomfortable with where their body is at and how this affects their lives.

Walking into the gym for the first time, chances are you are going to feel anxious and nervous much like I was when I first stood up to speak....

You're only human after all!

However just showing up each and every week, getting that little bit better each session whilst at the same time increasing your confidence...

You would have already overcome the biggest hurdle to your progress!

This comes from learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Knowing in the back of your head you won't feel nervous and anxious for too long providing you keep showing up and keep giving your best.

Treat each session as a learning curve.

You won't be amazing on day one, I certainly wasn't at speaking (and I'm still not now) unless you're a bit gifted.

Some of the "best" exercises can also be some of the hardest to pick-up as they require a good amount of skill acquisition.

Which by definition is learned by being taught correctly and practicing with repetition much like with public speaking.

If that involves asking for help 9 times out of 10 the person you ask will only be too gladly to help you.

With that said.....

Go with the knowledge that people genuinely aren't staring at you and making assumptions about you and your life choices, many are more concerned with how their hair looks in the mirror.

Luckily I don't have this problem and would be much happier spending my time helping you instead.