Most of us know what we're not getting quite right when it comes to weight loss.

We know already what we probably should be doing.

A little less of "a" and doing a bit more of "b".

The phrase eat less and move more springs to mind.

If someone tells you just to do that alone, they've really missed the point of understanding where you're actually at in implementing that.

Sure energy balance is the key principle to weight management.

As a coach, when it comes to implementing and communicating habit and behaviour change with my clients it's not as simple as me telling someone to do this, and you should expect this to happen.

Everyone has different personalities

Everyone has barriers that can affect progress whether it be work, family, stress.

Everyone responds and communicates differently

Some people want more choice in what they do

Some people just want to be told what to do and just get on with it.

However when things get a bit tough such as life, work, and family, can we actually plan for the unexpected,

"IF this happens, THEN I do this"

If I had a pound for every time someone applied for one of my programmes and said that the people around them or there previous coach didn't "get them" I'd have my yacht by now.

Good communication is not only a skill for me, but essential.

The goal to get the same desired outcome, with different people, using different methods and styles of communication.

Over the weekend, I spent 8 hours learning from some of the best names when it comes to psychology and communication:-

Cathy MacDonald

Dr Rob Yeung

Lloyd Parker

Martin MacDonald

I have a tonne of notes that I'm going to be implementing into my own practice, to ensure I can communicate more effectively with my clients to help them get even better results faster.

Fantastic conference and probably the only event where you're ever likely to get a selfie stick as part of your goodie bag.

Looking forward to finishing off my qualification in October to become an MNU Certified Nutritionist.