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300 miles covered today for a fantastic day of learning about "Exercise Mechanics" from a world class educator in this field Michael Goulden of Integra Education (hosted by Lift the Bar Fitness Mentoring at I-Motion gym in Stafford).

When it comes to personal training, every exercise I choose for a client is defined based on a variety of factors of the person.

This includes their goal and how that person is built in terms of their muscle and bone structure, which ultimately affects someone’s ability to perform an exercise and establish their capabilities.

For example, every single person will perform a bodyweight squat slightly differently from the next person and this is down to a number of factors, but quite simply we’re not all built the same way so we can't expect to squat the same way.

If an exercise is not suitable for an individual I may select another appropriate exercise for my client to do….

But I always have the thought process of what did I try to allow my client to do the exercise, and more importantly ask myself the question, why?!

“Am I missing something?”

It’s this attention to detail that directs my learning so I can become better at what I do, which ultimately gets my clients better results, faster and more efficiently by choosing and adapting the correct exercise for my clients.

We were told at the start that this workshop was going to be a bit like the Matrix…

If we take the red pill we open up a can of worms and will leave with so much knowledge and intrigue we’ll leave with more questions than answers that which will lead us on a journey to discovery.


We can take the blue pill and be ignorant to how this stuff can help us become better.

I took the red pill and I can’t wait to learn more, and most importantly apply what I learn to make me a better coach :)