I speak to a LOT of people who tell me…..

They’ve spent too long being unhappy in their own skin…

Their confidence is nowhere near where they’d like it to be…

Their body is stopping them from doing the things they love with the people you love….

It’s at a point that its affecting their physical and mental health.

They want things to be so different and so much better but change is needed.

Some of my clients who have got great results pretty quickly have told me that one of the keys to their success is when they had their eureka moment or when “something clicked” referring to the change of mindset that they’re ready for change to get where they want to be.

Or that realisation that getting to where they want to be doesn’t have to involve eating bland boring foods at every meal and going to a gym to do 100 sets of burpees multiple times a week.

They can actually have a balanced diet, enjoy exercise and achieve incredible things.

They became so determined that quite frankly nothing was going to get in their way to their success, they became relentless!

What does it take to illicit that click in our heads, which makes us want to change?

Last September I made a huge change…

I was very unhappy in my old job, which I'd been doing for 9 years (of which I'd been unhappy for about 3-4 years)

It was turning me into a pretty shitty person to be around and I was actually quite close to being broken by my surroundings, although I may have done a good job of hiding it (some might say the opposite)

I was walking through Glasgow city centre late last August with my girlfriend having spent a weekend at a fitness expo. After that expo and walking past a tonne of homeless people in the city something clicked in my head and made me stop, stand still and turn to my girlfriend and say, “I’M GOING!”

She knew exactly what I meant, and said “about time!”.

I made a decision that day that enough's enough!

I was unhappy with my identity in a job I quite frankly hated, and resented every second I was there and realised life’s too short to be miserable when I can do something about it.

I made the decision at that moment to bin my stable job with generous holiday and pursue self- employment through something I actually have a passion for, helping people achieve their goals.

When I returned to work I made sure I told every single person who would listen to me that I was going to leave and spent a couple of weeks getting things in place for me ready to do this, so I’m now accountable to myself to not go back on my word.

I had my resignation email typed out, and it took me the whole morning to hit the send button as I was quite frankly shitting myself, I had 2 personal training clients at the time, and knew I was going to have to work my arse off to make this work.

But I planned out what I needed to do to make it happen, I sought out help and advice, I received support from every person who would somehow be affected by my decision.

I become so focused and determined I was quite prepared to lose my house and clean cars for a living if I couldn't support myself from being a PT, I was very much all-in!

I’m now 10 months down the line…..

Sure, there's been bumps along the road and I have had moments and doubt myself and think “f*** it “but we’re only human.

I'm where I want to be right now and I’m truly happy within myself.

Now I know people might not be quite as tunnel visioned as that, and you know what, you may not need to be.

But if you’re truly unhappy with your body right now, it affects your entire life, it’s your current identity.

Everyone has the opportunity to change this part of their identity, you may have been where you’re at for so long that you can’t imagine being any different, and I truly get that.

If you're not quite where you want to be, are you doing the necessary actions required to initiate that change?

And secondly do you TRULY want it, and believe you can achieve it?

I talk to so many people who talk in problems not solutions when it comes to achieving their goals.

"I’ve got no time"

If you're watching re-runs of Love Island, trust me you have time!


"I can’t afford to get healthier"

Look at your outgoings and work out how much you spend on things that make you unhealthy then tell me you can’t afford to be healthy.


"Now’s not a good time"

In reality there’s never a good time, but I find a lot of the time this is just a reason to procrastinate.


I wanted this post to be a bit thought provoking and really ask yourself how much longer are you prepared to be unhappy for?

You actually can do something about it, and what will it take for that “click” to happen?

When things click................................. change sticks!