Forgive me……. for I have sinned!

I forgot to pay the queen for using her Dartford Crossing.


What has that got to do with anything health and fitness you may ask.

You could just call me forgetful, I have just turned 29 so it’s a slippery slope from here so I’ve been told.

Thing is I knew weeks ago I was going to see my online client for a catch-up.

It got to the 11th hour last time until I remembered you no longer throw a couple of quid into a bucket.

It’s obvious what I should have done right?

Either paid before I left, or pay the day I confirmed I was visiting him maybe?

This got me thinking about forward planning.

Some of you will plan nights out with friends and family down to the very fine details.

From what you’re going to wear, where you’re going and what time you’re likely to need help to walk in a straight line!

One thing many people don’t consider is how you’re actually going to stay on track with your fat loss goals without becoming the unsociable outcast.

This all comes back to that old chestnut CALORIES!

By planning to reduce your calorie intake throughout the week or increasing your activity levels can help offset the calories you’re going to consume in alcohol.

Look at it as putting some calories into a savings account to be used for having a good time.

Next up is food prep.

This is something not everyone particularly enjoys doing, myself included.

However by writing yourself a daily/weekly meal plan can be very BENEFICIAL.

Planning out your daily meals for the week with what you know are in line with your goals and sticking to it can only set you up for progress.

Do you have a go to recipes list? Perhaps try something new this week?

Your plan can take into account your work and social schedule and the amount of time you have to prepare and cook delicious wholesome food.

Once you know what you’re going to eat, makes a writing a shopping list a WHOLE LOT easier.

Same goes for training sessions,

An airline pilot doesn’t fly from point A to point B without a plan.

Showing up to the gym with no idea with what you’re going to do is setting yourself up for potentially a pretty rubbish session.

You’re more likely to waste precious time deciding what you could or should do then actually doing the session itself, and then settle on doing something within your comfort zone.

“I’ll just go on the bike for 10 minutes, then do a couple of sets of this, and a couple of sets of that”

Sound familiar?

When if you planned to do something a little out of the ordinary, you’ll already have it in your mind that this is what I’m doing today, and "I’m getting it done!"

I’m sure even things like Insanity workouts have some sort of structure to them and they’re not just do this, and do what-ever exercise comes into my head next for a random number of reps.

If you go to a gym and you don't have a programme, don't be scared to ask a fitness instructor for one, it's their job.

By taking that little bit of time to plan ahead can take away giving you a headache later on, with decisions to be made.

Life might deviate you away from a plan from time to time, and that’s to be expected.

But a plan can always be adapted.

When you have no plan, just like an airline pilot flying without a flight plan, chances are you’ll probably get lost somewhere, and probably no-where where you want to be.

Think about how you can provide some structure and organisation to what you’re currently doing.

Whether its meal prep, finding time to get workouts in, and what you’re actually going to do in those workouts.

My clients know I’m one for cliché’s but it’s something I’m a big believer in.


What are you going to plan next week to help you with your goals?